Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keeping Busy

We like to stay busy on the weekends, it keeps us from getting bored!

Abby and I went to Barnes and Nobles this morning for a Halloween book reading and crafts.

Abby was concentrating on drawing her ghost face.

She was so proud when she was done (although she is showing it backwards).

After lunch with JD and Jessie and naps, we were all set to go to another fall festival.

Posing in her Halloween dress. I bought this dress two years ago and it just now fits!

I love it and I am pretty sure that she is wearing it to school on Monday.

So we get to the fall festival and there are literally a thousand people there. We didn't even park, we just kept going.

Instead we went to wash Daddy's truck. Abby was not loving it.

We did go out to eat and for ice cream regardless of the cold weather.


Here are a few more random pictures (I am really trying to do better with pictures).

Abby showing off her headband and her letters J and I.

Her treat bag that she made at school.

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