Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yet Another Festival

Abs and I hit yet another fall festival this weekend. We seriously have enough candy to pass out tomorrow night and then have leftovers!

But the girl just can't get her face painted enough. I have created a monster.

She is obsessed with pumpkins on her cheek.

I love this picture! I can't believe that I convinced her to stand behind this all by herself.

Playing corn hole.

**Regarding her outfit - I was over Minnie's ears. So I dressed her in regular clothes. She did insist on a tutu though. Funny thing, it is the same tutu from 2 years ago that ended in disaster - see here.**

Braving a hay ride with Poppa.

She was probably the most excited about a balloon that she got. She clung to it the whole way home.


I also spent some time today snuggling this little bundle of love!

Elizabeth Ann.

She was born last Wednesday to one of my besties and I have been dying to get my hands on her. It did not disappoint as she was super sweet!

Her big sister loved showing off her new Peace sign (She was in the middle of a science experiment complete with goggles).


Complete goofball - putting stickers on her belly before bathtime.

Love that smile!

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