Monday, October 17, 2011


We finished Abby's letters today!

Basically I took her pink letters (Seen at the bottom here) and spray painted them completely white, then let Abby get creative.

She took the leftover paint from her room and painted them in 2-year old fashion.

I let that dry and then today, let her paint back over them with white. I blotted that with a paper towel.

These pictures don't really do them justice, but I love them.

Personally, I think they look "antique-y" or at least my version of that.


I have been dreading today. After hearing that Abby might need a filling, I was so nervous about taking her to the dentist. That and just generally taking her to the dentist. She does much better with Stu than with me :).

Girl was an angel! She sat on the table by herself (holding my hands of course), let the doctor look at all of her teeth. Side note, he called every one of her teeth by a Disney Princess. Best.idea.ever.

Then they decided to take x-rays. She sat in the chair all by herself (again holding my hand....the asst asked if there was a chance I was Abby was amazing!

Luckily, this doctor said that it did look like she had stains from the trauma to the tooth, but it was not necessary to do a filling.

We will go back in 6 months for a cleaning!


I heard Abby crying tonight about an hour after she fell asleep. We both have a little "hay fever" which I attribute to being on a farm all day yesterday (Get it? Hay? Haha....I am here all night).

I go in her room to check on her and she is laying face down in the middle of the room.

She fell out of the bed! I snuggled her for a bit, while she croaked at me.

Hopefully, she feels better tomorrow!

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Mommyblogger said...

What a great idea letting her help with the letters! It really puts her personal stamp on them :)

I am glad to hear she did well at the dentist & didn't have to have a filling! I know that was a big weight off of you :)

Hope you both are feeling much better tomorrow! BTW- I thought the hay comment was cute.