Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Little Writer

I have posted in the past a little about Abby loving to write.

Now instead of her just scribbling nonsense...she wants to write names and will say "Tell me who to write Mommy". So I will name everyone and she will "write" their names down.

Except tonight she wanted me to hold the pen too and help her write the names down.

Me trying to get her to pose beside her writing.

Finally, success!!!


I don't know if this is normal, but on the weekends Abby doesn't call out for us anymore. She just gets up and walks through the house to our room. She opens the door and comes to get us out of bed. So far, it works - I am a light sleeper so I normally hear her as soon as she gets to the door.

And during the week, I have to get her out of bed about 6:15.

Well on Monday, I guess she woke when I was getting ready. I had my head flipped over, drying my hair. I flipped back over and BAM - she was standing there.

I screamed so loud, I think I scared her!

(Now, I am constantly checking the door to see if she is coming in to "get" me).

Never a dull moment!

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