Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Night

We have "roommates" for a few days, so Abby has moved her bath time into our bath. There is much more for her to pull down, so that has been fun! She loves to drink her bath water out of her flower pot.

Dinner of pasta and cheese.

After dinner, Abby cleaned out my undies drawer (I forget how much I have).

She absolutely loved all of my bras. One day, little gal....

Our little girl just wants to get into everything!

Update: Stuart's grandparents are home from the hospital!! Praise!!!

Please note the absolute love in their eyes!

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gammy said...

gosh my little Abby is getting so big. what a doll. Isn't that picture awesome of my parents. wow. Stuart find the camera pick it up and aim at the little precious girl. I live for pics of her.. you and ann too love your mom. smile