Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Fun with Abby

So, I guess the pj's aren't THAT bad.
Here she is the morning handing Daddy the camera cord.
I never tire of looking at pictures of her. is tonight's selection. By far the worse. If it weren't for the tiny flowers on them, I would swear they were for boys.

Mommy and Abby
Tonight, I discovered a "new" game. Abby stood behind me and pushed me down. I am not kidding that this child laughed about it for at least 30 minutes. We were cracking up as well.

She laughed even harder if I grabbed her and threw her on my back.

Abby also finds is very amusing to grab her Boobies when I am dressing her. (Check out that belly!!)

After a good scrub down to get dry from the bath. What am I supposed to do with this hair???

She is trying to finally play with her basketball game though. But they only thing that she wants to do is stuff things in it that are too big to fit.

The Nascar outfit that she was wearing when I got home.

No matter where this chair is, she wants to sit in it. I am just glad that she still fits in it (for now).

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gammy said...

cute jammas. lots of flowers. her hair is getting long and looks like a touch of red. love the pink nascar and yes she is getting big. I remember when she first sat in that chair. almost time for a new one