Friday, February 19, 2010

Picture Overload

I am exhausted!!
Here was Abby and Stu's week:


Sharing her purse

Walking around with her purse

She is such a little lady!

Wearing Daddy's clothes

Stu said that she put this on all by herself

Getting stuck in her chair


Messy food

So pretty

Destroying my magazines

Getting a back scratch

Ticklish under the arms

And lastly, the lasagna that I came home to. I tried to get Stu to pose with it, but he refused, so I just got the back of him.


Jess said...

Ha! She looks like a mini Sophia from the Golden Girls with that purse. I love it!

gammy said...

he is just a great cook. you are so lucky. wish mine would she is growing up right before our eyes. love the purse action. so glad you love blogging.