Monday, February 15, 2010

Flaskback to Christmas

Enjoy the flashback:

Abby and Chris sharing a bath. They are about 10 months apart.

Chewing on a rubber ducky!

I just think they look so much alike! Of course, my little babe got my wonderful pale skin!

Abby and her Gammy

Abby wondering if she really has to share her toys!! (Actually this was a dump truck that we got Chris)

Concentrating. Hard.

Daddy and Abby
I just want to add that as I was talking to Stu today, he mentioned going to Cracker Barrel. I asked who he went with. He said, "Abby, duh!". I think it is so incredibly sweet that they do lunch together (this was not their first date). I hope they keep up the daddy/daughter dates for years to come.

She always looks like she is working so hard at something. Must be that big ole head of brains!

After her bath time, this is what she wore. I actually didn't even recognize her in this picture. Must be the camouflage! Too many boy cousins!

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gammy said...

I love flashbacks. those were good. well can't wait for the news.Stuart is so cute.I talked to him about the toy box this morning. we got a good laugh. well hope this week goes by fast. we got some ice and snow again today and expecting more tonight. hurry spring