Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl is Buuuussssyyyy

Let me just say that Abby is by far the sweetest baby in the entire world (not that I am biased or anything). She loves to hug her stuffed animals and I am trying to teach her to tell them that she loves them. I figure if she can tell them that she loves them, maybe Daddy and I are next!
She loves to share everything with us and I am hoping this spills over to other children as well.
Abby is getting very comfortable with strangers. We went to Julie and Mike's this weekend and she was loving her some Kayla (Julie's brother's girlfriend). Every time that she saw her, she leaped into her arms.
We also went to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University last night and she was sitting in the day care worker's lap when we went to leave (more on that later, it was just the first week so I want to get a feel for it).
The reason I am so into her is that I had to work from home today. So we got to spend the entire day together. Here is what we did (in between me working of course!).

Emptied the dishwasher. Apparently it is a "hands on" job.

This is the usual view that I have when I am getting ready in the mornings.

This girl has literally rearranged all of my makeup. Every day, I have to look for items that I need.

Today, she actually "packed" my makeup. I tried to tell her that Mommy had already gone on her business trip and wasn't leaving anytime soon. Maybe her and Daddy had too good of a time with me gone.....

Such an adorable face! (Doesn't her hair look so red in this picture??)

We did leave the house for a trip to the grocery. Somehow I got down to 2 rolls of toilet paper and since we have roommates during the week (one that is 8 months pregnant), I knew this wouldn't do. So I strapped on some strappy sandals.....

Abby modeled them for me

I dare you to find anything cuter than this!

Abby did have a minor meltdown after nap #2. I figured out that you better not skip this gal's afternoon snack. Look how splotchy her face is. Also want to say that she sat in her Bumbo for 45 minutes (!!!) eating goldfish and Teddy Grahams.

After snack, she filled my shoes with paper.

Decided to read a magazine.

Fitness magazine no less (I think Mommy needs to read this more than her!)

After leaving her alone for a few minutes (to work), this is what I find.

Luckily, Daddy did come home and they played blocks for a bit.
*****On a side note, does anyone else's child BANG things on tables?? We have a glass table and I am terrified that she is going to break it and hurt herself. I have noticed though, that she is totally testing me. I say No and she waits until I am watching her to do it again.

Then she climbed in one of her bins.

And tried to bang the block again. It is so hard to discipline when they are this cute!! (Just kidding, she totally gets time outs).

Played with "her" remote again.

But my Favorite picture is this one.
She is saying, "Woman, you better leave me alone or WATCH OUT!!!"


Warf pary of 3 said...

Landon does ALL these things!! He bangs on EVERYTHING. He climbed up on our glass table and the glass came undone from the table. he just slid off and didnt think twice about it. i moved the table as soon as that happened. he likes to take spoons and beat them on the floor, tables, doors and ME. haha ;o) i just keep telling myself its a phase.

Finewineanddiapers said...

She definitely is a busy girl! Looks like she is good at entertaining herself!

gammy said...

well, it looks like she likes everything from doing the dishes, to reading and playing with everything. Love the one with the remote. that is just too funny.You can put a blanket on the table while she is playing or just keep telling her no Abby. that gets old, but those two words you will be using a lot in the next 18 years. have fun... love you