Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daddy Bought my PJs

I am 100% into Pink, Pink and more Pink. Daddy is a little more practical. He went and bought a ton of pj's at the consignment shop (which is the best thing EVER). They are "girly" just green. But it is hard to make this little gal not be cute no matter what she wears.

Here is outfit number one - I think that he got like 5 of them, so I will try to post pictures of all of them. I have to say that we have different taste!

But at least he was sweet enough to pick her some stuff out. Oh, to be a fly on the wall...

Isn't she just the sweetest thing that you have ever seen?

Oh, and did I mention that she is a "full time" walker. I don't like talking about it. It just makes me so sad. She just walks around the house like she has been doing it for years and doesn't understand why we scream and clap every time she does it.
I know that I should talk about it more. But it is hard. I don't want our little girl to grow up and seeing her walking just tears at my heart strings. Of course, I worried and worried about her NOT walking, then I wasn't ready for it when it happened. And it was just so sudden. *sigh*

Sorry Nana (for the pacy pictures), but I found these on the camera. Apparently Stu took them one day and I never saw them.

Abby was "stuck" in her toy bin.
Does anyone have tips for losing the Pacy? I SWORE that it would be gone when she was one. Then I SWORE that she would never walk with it. Both milestones have passed. We also said that once they were gone, they were gone. We started out with about 15, and have been down to 1 for about 6 months. She is ADAMANT about holding on to that one! We need help!!!
One thing that I do love about having a girl is the...uh...things that DON'T happen when you change the diaper. You mothers of boys know what I am talking about. We have never had an "accident". Never. Tonight, I took her diaper off before putting her in the bath (as I do every night). I threw the diaper in the trash, turned around, and she had peed everywhere. She was in our bathroom, as we have roommates in the other bathroom. All over our bath mat, floor. I couldn't help but laugh as she looked at me extremely guilty.
Hey, the gal went 13 months with no accidents. Can't blame her.


Anonymous said...

Yes, walking is a great BIG milestone. I was the same way. You can't help but be thrilled that they are actually doing it... but, it's like reality sets in when there isn't any crawling.

Anthony is NOT allowed, period, to dress and/or buy clothing for Ashlynn. I have given him the benefit of the doubt a few times and my poor child is probably scarred for life by it. It was a disaster to say the least. You should be proud of Stu. The first outfit was pretty darn cute, I have to say. I realize that's just 1 of 5... but give him a pat on the back for that one. :)

And the infamous passy! Err! I think I have decided that I will not be using one on my next child! They are a pain to get rid of. I weined Ashlynn off of hers in about 3 weeks. I started not letting her have it at home except for bed time and nap time. The daycare was under strict orders not to give her the passy until she was laying down for nap time. Seems harsh, but in 3 weeks... it was GONE. There were definitely 2 or 3 sleepless nights, but after that. All was well.

I think you might be surprised how well she will do without them. Pretend like you don't have one around until you absolutely HAVE to HAVE it. Sounds strange, but that's what I did. I just kept telling her they were "Gone, Gone!"

Good luck --- to you and Ms. Abby!

Nana said...

Just tell her it's gone...period... and you can't find it. She WILL get over it!

Finewineanddiapers said...

Maybe its just me, but I am not too concerned about the paci. My neice had hers until she was about two and a half and could understand that she was a "big girl" and she chose to get rid of it. If it makes Colt happy and soothes him, then I just dont really care. He will eventually lose it when he is ready. But thats just me. I figured, better a paci than a thumb!

And um..yes, little boys are a different beast when it comes to changing diapers. I have lost count on how many times John and I have been peed on.

I know you are sad on the walking but you can overcome that by just having another baby, haha :)

gammy said...

paci yep chris uses his at night. I would get rid of it, but I am too lazy and not sure how often he uses it at home. he knows the minute he wakes up he has to take it out of his mouth and says ewwww. now on to potty training. fun fun.. On accidents, chris hasn't been bad. maybe once at the same time when abby had hers. he peed in one big puddle. then said oh no. it was cute. As for stuart buying stuff for abby, just be glad he is a dad that is around and can afford to buy them.