Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Thoughts...

I will be headed back to NC tomorrow, so I promise the pictures of Abby will be back up. Stu has been taking them, but when he tries to email them, they get so small that I cannot even see them...much less post them!


I did forget one story about Stu. It didn't strike me as really sleep talking. But I will still share....

One time when I was in VA for work, Stu woke up, drank coffee, and breakfast. He had to take Abby to day care since he had to go to work. He woke her, got her dressed, yet noticed that she was exceptionally cranky at having to get up.

He gets her in the car, they head off to day care.

He is almost out of the neighborhood, when he looks at the clock. It is 3:30 AM. He is not dropping Abby off until 7.

It does make me wonder how he went through our house, didn't see the clock on the coffee, the clock on the stove, the clock in the kitchen or the clock on the stove.

Poor Ms. Abby.


This reminds me of another story when I was home and Stu woke me up at 3 AM to tell me that he had just left for work (again, almost made it out of the neighborhood) and realized how early it was.

Still not quite sure why I needed to know this, though. I like my sleep.


From the age of four to twenty four, I have lived in the same town. I have a fantastic group of girlfriends and my mom and I get along pretty well (other than the dreaded teenage years). So, anytime that I have wanted to go out to eat, shopping, or go to a movie, I pretty much could find a buddy.

Not to say that my friends in NC and VA are not awesome (Julie!!!), but sometimes I want to do things and can't find anyone to go with me.

The first time I went to the movies by myself, I was nervous. Like first-date nervous. But I survived and am proud to say have done it again. So far only two times, but still.

Today, I broke another barrier and ate at a "restaurant" by myself. I put that in quotes, because it was Panera Bread and Moe's Grill. Both places that you get your food and then sit down. I took my book and sat in the corner and ate by myself. It was liberating!

My next step is an actual restaurant where you are served. I can.not imagine going up to the hostess station and asking for a table for one though. Totally makes me think of the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" movie.

Another fear to conquer.


LENT - I am not exactly sure what religion it is derived from, but I am United Methodist and for my entire life have always "given up" something from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Always chocolate.

And for some reason, it is always during Girl Scout Cookie season. I'm just saying...I should get extra points for this.


I have Baby Fever. Bad.

Is is because Abby is one? What makes having a one year old make me think that I am ready to take on another?

Or it could be that I am here in VA with two of my friends that are both prego. One who found out she was having a boy today (yea!!!). And Julie is definitely not helping as she wants me to help her put the crib together this weekend.

I gotta get over this. Fast.


Stuart's official last day in the Marine Corps is Sunday. Five years. I might have to write a summary of his time.


Our health care also ends on Sunday (with a grace period of course). So I had to go by benefits today and get the information to get health care through my work. Apparently I have to go back tomorrow as they gave me a version written in Chinese, or Pig-Latin, or something like that.

HMO, OEP, 80/20??? Say what???

All that I can read so far is that our free military benefits are OVER.

***I will figure it out, as I have been through this before, but I am still hating it.***


Sunday night, Stuart and I start "Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University" at a local church. Not getting into the personal stuff, but I have really wanted to do this for awhile. I am very excited and hope that we learn tons!!!


If you have noticed that your comments do not get posted right away, it is because I have been getting some very odd comments from basically spam. This was the only way that I could figure out to make that stop. Any other ideas?


Hope that tides you over on what I am thinking.

Time to get ready for Grey's and Private Practice. I know that staying up until 11 is not the best idea when I have to drive 4 hours tomorrow, but it is such an addiction. It is the only show that I will stay up past 10 for.


Anonymous said...

Ann, your husband cracks me up! Although as funny as I find it, I have to admit I have done the same thing. I haven't ever actually made it out of the door, but did wake up once (In Va, actually) and shower, make-up, fret over what to wear to work, all to look at the clock and realize it was early in the morning (forget the time now). That MUST have be one crappy day, because I, as well, love my sleep.

And, I must say, we are in the baby fever boat together. Mine is a combination of things I think. One, Ashlynn is TWO, yes TWO next month. My brother and I were 22 months apart and super close. I want this for my children. Two, I'm in school and have a good year left, so I know another kiddo right now wouldn't be the best time, which makes me want one worse I think. Three, I desperately NEED a boy. I want to buy boy clothes. I want something beside pink everytime I am shopping for my toddler. :( Ugh, if you happen to find a quicker way out of this consuming boat we are in together... please share. I need help.

Finewineanddiapers said...

Grey's was so good last night! I can relate to baby fever too....sometimes. Other times, I think its going to be another five years!

Finewineanddiapers said...

Oh, and there is a feature on blogger where a word has to be typed in for you to be able to comment. That might stop the spam.