Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy's Pictures

Stu took some pictures of Abby today. It sure does look like he had more fun than she did.
She is just wondering what he is doing???

Starting to get interested!


As I was writing out the Valentine's Day cards for Gammy and Nana, I thought it might be cute for Abby to write them a "note".

Next time, I will make sure the markers are washable.

And not red.

But at least she looked good doing it!
I was looking at the American Girl website last night. I could not get over how many new dolls there are! I have Molly and Samantha (who no longer exist, I guess). I am really hoping that Abby loves these dolls as much as I did!

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gammy said...

cute pics. don't you just love markers. can't wait to get my card....