Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Fun (Picture Overload!)

Stuart, Abby, and I took a looong road trip this weekend. We drove to Richmond, VA on Friday to visit Aunt Melinda. Then to Strasburg, VA on Saturday to visit Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan. Both of these families are Stuart's family, but they are just like family to me as well!

Hope you enjoy all the pictures, I am exhausted, so other than the pictures, this is a short post.
We stopped at a rest stop on Friday. Abby walked the ENTIRE way from the restroom to the car. Granted, it took about 15 minutes, but she is so good! (Please ignore my fat-ness, I am going on a diet and will post about that soon).

We visited Cousin Leah's horse, Pretty. She was such a sweet horse and Abby loved petting her, no matter what the picture looks like. Abby also got called, Buddy, by an older gentleman. I personally don't think that she looks like a boy, but whatever.

Aunt Melinda took us to the zoo Saturday morning.

Abby loved the bears.

She tried to get his attention.

Aunt Melinda had two cats that Abby called "Kitty". She also called this slightly larger cat, Kitty!

Pretty sure that "Kitty" would not appreciate being petted though.

Daddy and Abby watching the monkeys.

Abby loved pointing at the zebra (she must remember how much Ms. Justine loved them!)

Look at those little eyes light up!

Then an antelope walked in. That was apparently a "kitty" also.

Stuart decided that he needed to feed the giraffe. Let me just tell you that thing's tongue is about a foot long. It was disgusting.

The petting area. Abby was terrified of the donkey.

She was more interested in picking up the food from the ground.

Daddy might have had more fun than Abby!

Personally, I enjoyed the penguins.

After the zoo, we went to Strasburg, VA to visit Aunt Carole on the farm.

This road was actually used during the civil war.
In case you are interested in a history lesson:
The house that we stayed in was Uncle Dan's family house. I probably have all the facts wrong (history is not my strong point). But he told us that it was used as a hospital during the civil war. We were told about the dozens of soldiers that were wounded and treated/died in this house/hospital. Sadly enough, there was an 11 year old girl living in the house as well that saw all of this. The soldiers, along with this young girl, all died in this house. The girl actually died in the room that we were staying in. There was a grave in the backyard of a confederate soldier who's family was unable to come and get him after the war.
The point of all this: I COULD NOT sleep that night. I don't generally believe in ghosts, but I was still FREAKED out. The house was GORGEOUS and I LOVED it, but whew. I was freaked out when it got dark. Of course, Stu fell asleep in 2.5 seconds. Me, it took about an hour. Or more.


Abby loved playing in the dirt. I cringed.

We made it up the "hill". Mommy: barely.

The view was totally worth it!
We had a BLAST!

On the way home, we decided to turn the car seat around. Abby was so happy. I am pretty sure that she stared at her Daddy the whole way home.
We have noticed that Abby likes to put things under her chin. Food mainly.

On the way home, she decided to put some wipes under her chin. That girl is too crazy!


Justine said...

I bet she enjoyed the zoo a little more this time!! Looked like fun!! =)

ps.. You havent posted about the house in a few days.. Any news on that?

gammy said...

what a great weekend. so glad you all were able to visit them. I know Carole loved the visit. It is a beautiful farm. I could enjoy a weekend there. I'm sure Melinda loved it too