Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Conquering the Chair

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, the light from outside always makes them dark.

Abby is obsessed with her chair.

She absolutely cannot leave it alone if it is on the floor.

She takes about 10 minutes to circle around it.

Trying different ways to get in it.


Now she just has to get her book.

So heavy.... (she loves this huge book)

Finally, settled and ready to go!
(Note the book is upside down)
The rest of the day she chatted away on her phone.

Feet kicked up, relaxing. Oh the life!


Bettina Dawson said...

She is getting sooo big!! I can't get over how long her hair is getting. She just always looks so precious and I can always tell from her pictures that she is a lot of fun!! Sorry, I haven't commented in a while...settling in with new changes and have had a sick baby for a few I just wanted to say hey. Hope everything is going great for you all.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a cute little one....Happy Saturday.....Enjoyed your post....
Hope you will stop by my place....Tonight I am drawing for three great giveaways.

gammy said...

way to be persistent Abby I love you