Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Days with Daddy

We have had quite an exciting night tonight! Late night house showing, promises of an offer tomorrow...yea!!
Now we are watching a movie (Brothers, which I have already cried twice in).
I will leave you with pictures of the Princess.

She walks with both of her arms like the one on the right here. It is too funny to watch.


While eating dinner, Stu tells me that he put Abby in a drawer today (really, should men be allowed to watch babies?). I didn't think much about it, until I saw the picture...

Way to piss her off!

I guess they made up though.

Abby constantly tries to open the garage door.

Her main goal is to get a finger in first though. (Please also note the spider book - this is Abby's favorite book of all time, I have the stupid thing memorized)


This is her "I know you will let me in, why are you messing with me?" face.

Loving the warm weather.

Aunt Melinda gave her this giant lamb. She loves to body slam it.

That face melts my heart!

When we decide to go for a walk, I usually just throw on whatever is closest. Today was clogs and a jacket. You can tell by the look on her face that she is not happy - it was mainly the shoes.


Jess said...

I CANNOT wait to see that girl! She has so much personality and it shows in all of her pictures. I was cracking up about the one of her in the drawer and that caption. Too funny. Can't wait til the 10th! Too bad JD is a bad uncle and he'll miss out on the fun!

Wiz said...

Good luck with the house!

Oh and isn't "Brothers" scary?? I want to see that.

Justine said...

Haaaa the drawer picture just made me crack up! She did not like that!!

I loove her little spring dress!! So cute. Whats her Easte dress this year??

gammy said...

well haven't heard anything yet on the house. it is 8:15 your time. haven't seen that movie nor have I heard anything about it. this little girl is so cute. love the pic in the drawer. I love when she is busted..