Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Festival

Oh, it is festival season again! I am a sucker for funnel cakes, crowds and crafts! Just joking about that, but I do love me some crafts. No craft fair that I have even been to did not have hair bows. Score!

So, we woke up this morning....
Looked to the left....

And looked to the right! We were off!

Being the spectacular mom that I am, I forgot Abby's Sippy cup in the car. Julie and I took turns feeding her water with the straw. Abby didn't seem to mind.

She loved, loved, loved the mini petting zoo. I was envisioning a sheep or goat eating those tiny little fingers off, but we made it out unharmed.

The place was so durn crowded (I heard rumors about a beer garden of some sort), so we mainly just let Abby walk around a bit where it wasn't crowded.

I am loving the fact that she is walking now! It is so easy to just put her down and let her roam around. Although she did attack a mini shih-tzu that I had to rescue. Ali was much sturdier.

Oh my little lady!
Also, it was definitely warm enough to lose the jacket. Not for this fashionista though, she insisted on wearing it.

Abby got her first taste of funnel cake. Pretty sure it was a hit.

Tuckered out afterwards (notice the bow that fell out - that was such a battle to keep in)
***More on the pacy later***

Stuart has been working for a few weeks on a toy chest for Abby.

But he is done!!!
(Well pretty much - at least the outside is done)

Here is shot of him painting.

I think he spent about 20 hours painting. Me - 15 minutes.

It looks fantastic!!! Abby already likes to put things in it.
Such a good daddy!!!!


We went to eat with another couple last night that have a 7 year old little girl. We talked about the pacy "situation". They cut the tip off the pacy, pretty much defeating the purpose of sucking on it.

Abby stuck it in her mouth, then spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out was wrong. She poked the hole, tried putting it in another way, and even tried putting it in my pocket and taking it back out "fixed".

Pacy Abandoned!!!!

****This was all part of a great plan...until Bedtime. I put her in there, she was OK for about 10 minutes, then started screaming and crying. I gave her about 10 more minutes until I couldn't take it. I pulled the emergency pacy out (not cut) and she was out in 2 seconds. But at least the day time Pacy is gone!
****I also want to say that getting rid of the Pacy is just our personal choice. However long people want to let their babies take a pacy is one of the great things that we mothers get to do - make our OWN choices. Just remember, no pacys off to college ;)


Kendra said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello =)

Yes, our Abbey is short for Abigail. I have no idea why I insisted her name be spelled "ABBEY", but I did!! I just love the name Abigail..and Abbey too!

Your little Abby sure is adorable!

gammy said...

these pics are adorable as always. Love the pacy story great idea. Love Abby's toy box.

Justine said...

Lovin the toy box! Good job Stu!!!

SueB said...

Love the pics of Abby and her adorable little hair bow...really cute!