Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am loving this little girl!

I really do think that every day, I fall more in love with Abby.
I love to watch her sleep. Very rarely do I actually catch her sleeping. She always wants to bury her head under the blanket. In this picture, she also has her feet hiked up on the bumper.

This was her Sunday outfit. I am a sucker for this skirt. It was so nice out that she didn't have to wear tights. Of course, this also meant that when she fell she skinned her knees. I got to administer Neosporin and band-aids - I am a MOM!

Such the little ham. She was doing some really good poses at the dinner table tonight (think Vogue), but I could not find the camera. Maybe she will pose again tomorrow night.

Look into those eyes. Really look into her eyes. Are you as mesmerized as I am??
I thought so. She has that effect.

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EL said...

i've been looking around your blog for a minute and oh my gosh your little girl is tooooooooo cute!