Saturday, March 6, 2010

14 Months Old

Abby is 14 months old today!
Here is what she is up to these days:
  • Probably between 20-21 pounds. Will find out weight at 15 month appointment.
  • Full time walker! As you will see from below pictures, she prefers walking at all times. It is absolutely awesome to be able to watch her walk around.
  • Favorite Food - tomatoes and cheese
  • Next step after the sippy cup is one with no handles. I bought them today, so we will be starting soon.
  • Loves to sleep. Hates to be rocked. I try every night to rock her before she goes to bed. She just points at her crib until I put her in there.
  • Holding steady at 8 teeth. Not to keen on me brushing them though.
  • Still a Daddy's girl. When I tell her "no", she just looks at him to save her.
This is pretty much what we have done all day:
Abby is OBSESSED with my underwear. She likes to move it all over the room. Here it is in Daddy's pack.

Daddy's shoes.

Daddy's Dresser.

A sudafed box.
(I also notice my giant sports bra in this picture - this was my hospital bra, I swear)

We had lunch with the maid of honor of a wedding that I am in in June. This is her little girl Haleigh. She gives me hope as she looks just like her daddy as well - and is adorable. So well behaved. Unlike mine that is trying to jump out of the chair.

We went to Party City to look for bridal shower invites - Abby had other ideas and just wanted to try on sunglasses.

She must be missing Nashville!

It was so beautiful that we decided to play in the yard after we got home.

Abby was good until she would fall. Then once she touched the grass, she was over it.

Here she is refusing to get up and follow me.

But my favorite part of the day was walking down to the end of the driveway to check the mail. She was so good at it! Then she just took off running in the middle of the street! We have no traffic on our road, so I wasn't worried about it. But she had so much fun!

I bought her a hairbrush today. Girl was needing it. She loved it, wanted to brush her hair, my hair, Daddy's hair. Just kidding - Daddy has no hair!

Abby also loves her legos.

She puts them in all the rooms of her dollhouse,

My shoes,

And the kitchen chairs.

As always a fan of the remote!
Happy Birthday Abby!
I always say it....we just can't believe she is this old. Time flies!
I also want to note that this is my 300th post - crazy!!!


Justine said...

I can NOT believe how big she is getting!!!!!

Finewineanddiapers said...

She is precious!! They get old too fast! Happy 300th :)

gammy said...

legos and underwear what a combo to love. she is just too funny. they go everywhere. LOL what a doll..

Anonymous said...

Ughhhh... Little Miss Abby needs to come see her "by friend" Auntie Makyla and Little Ashlynn!!! I just want to swoop her up and give her kisses and hugs and help her put more things into her Daddy's shoes... Yes, I said that. That precious little girl is just TOO darn cute and seems to have a AWESOME personality. Her and Ashlynn, I'm sure, would be the best of best friends!!!!! Such a cutie!!!