Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures

Stuart didn't take any pictures with the camera today, so I found some on my cell phone that I thought I would share.
Abby and I were in Kmart one day (which I HATE this store, but it is so close to our house). She kept insisting on pulling one leg out and twisting her body to look forward. It was so frustrating.

I also see that I don't have her strapped in. That may be bad, but I hate strapping her in. I never get too far from her, so I don't worry about her falling out. I just think those straps are so disgusting and I don't want her even touching them. Plus half the time, they are broken, so what is the point?

Eventually she decided that this was how she wanted to sit. I like to think that I know a thing or two about kids, having been an aunt and a lot of my friends have kids. One thing I guess I just never thought of was how quirky they are. I would have NEVER thought to sit in the cart like this. She is just so imaginative.

Last night, I got the bright idea to put legos down the back of her shirt. After about 20 minutes of trying to "get" them, she just gave up. This is the picture that Stu sent me today. Abby figured out how to put the legos in the back of her shirt herself.

These are the glasses that go to Ms. Potato Head. It cracks her up for me to put them on. Kinda confuses her when they are put on her though. I love this picture, it is my wallpaper picture!

Stuart and Abby like to take trips to Lowe's during the day. He sent me this one with the caption "Future Race Car Driver". Uh no.

Oldie, but Goodie. I think she might be about 6 months old in this one. I can usually tell how old she is by the amount of hair she has!


Big decisions on the house. I spoke to our broker for about 30 minutes tonight. Without getting too into details and boring everyone...we need to reduce the price of our house. We are right above a "price point". By reducing it a few thousand dollars, we will open it up to a new set of buyers. We were already barely breaking even. Ugh. Stu wants to start school in June, so we really have no choice. Ramen noodles for us!


Warf pary of 3 said...

i didnt realize how skinny her little legs were. SUPER CUTE!! whats up with the road detour you are talking about?

gammy said...

those are just too funny. love the shopping cart. what a hoot. love this girl