Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bubbles and Abby the Helper

I have been in VA for work this week, but it was a short trip and I am home now! Yea!

Stuart took this (one) picture while I was gone.
This is her fake smile. Still adorable though!

She is so happy to see her momma!

Oh how I missed this little gal!
On Sunday, I bought Abby a giant ball (more on that in another post) and a bubble machine. I get home and Stuart informs me that the bubble machine doesn't work and is crap. I take it apart, find the hole and duct tape it. Fixed!

Her eyes were as big as the bubbles I swear!

She of course tried to eat all of them!

We will be enjoying the bubble machine for weeks to come.

If you are interested, I got it at Kmart for about $8.

So, if you remember, I took one of the pacys and cut a hole in it. There is still one that is "good" though. Abby likes to put the good one in her mouth and hold the other one. Please note the pinky finger in the air. Such a priss!
I don't have pictures of her helping me, but I will still tell the stories.
When I sweep, Abby likes to pick up the large pieces and put them in the trash. Daddy taught her to put things in the trash, so she thinks that she is helping. I am a little grossed out by her picking up food off the floor. But she at least tries.
I decided to vacuum tonight as I need to get back in the habit of doing it nightly (more on that in a minute). Abby does not like to be in front of the vacuum, but she loves to follow me. Sometimes even points out things that I miss!
My favorite part, though, was when she went into the bedroom and brought me back the child proof socket so that I could move the vacuum. That reassures me that it is not child proof!
Why do I vacuum? Is it a showing? Unfortunately not! is because in just a few short weeks, we will have a housemate that requires constant vacuuming.
I am so stoked that she is moving back in with us. My parents and Jess are coming to visit (my brother is a miser that will not take off work). They are bringing Ali-Lou (my nickname for her) and she is staying. Didn't exactly work out with my parents.
She will definitely be highlighted for a few blogs as I have not seen her since January!


Justine said...

Ali's coming homeee!! Yayy!! I bet your excited!!!!

I know I probably say this everytime.. but my lordy! Abby gets bigger and bigger every day! I miss her!! =)

gammy said...

cute pics. I love the bubbles. I'll have to get one of those. Well glad you are getting visitors. And Ali, that will be nice. sorry it didn't work out with your parents what happened> anyway,