Thursday, March 4, 2010

Randoms and Pink Toes

Look at that fake smile. She is so silly.

Here is Daddy PJ #4. Green with a tiger on it.

Playing with her toys.

About 4:45 today, Stu called me in a panic to make sure that I bought home a movie. We already had one, plus it is Thursday night. I am not watching a movie!
He said that since 8 AM that morning, an Amber Alert had been going on every channel and we couldn't watch TV. Apparently the picture was on, but there was no sound, just a police scanner repeating the information.
I came home and we spent about an hour in silence with no TV.
Abby and I went into the playroom and I randomly flipped on the TV. Worked perfectly fine. So I went back into the living room, turned off the box and then turned it back on. Worked perfectly.
I think I laughed for 15 minutes thinking about how long Stu watched the TV on mute today.

While Abby was sitting in her chair, I got the idea to paint those adorable little toes. The entire time that I was painting them, Stu kept telling Abby, "I am so sorry".

Then he showed them to her (before she couldn't really see over her tray). She tried for 5 minutes to take it off. Ended up smearing most of all over her feet.
But I still think those little piggys sure are cute!

Found these pictures from her day. Licking the couch...always a fun sport.

I am thinking that Daddy is teaching her some bad habits.

But I will take her, she is too cute to let get away!

And I am not sure why he puts her in a white stained shirt every day. The gal has TONS of clothes. Same shirt like 3 days in a row. But I at least have to be grateful that she is out of her pj's!


Anonymous said...

Men always find the very worst outfit to put on our children, don't they?

Anthony took Ashlynn to eat lunch with his buddy one day while I was working. What he put her in never crossed my mind until I came home and almost had a heart attack. He knows he's not allowed to dress her... so we had to have THE talk again.

"You are NOT allowed to take our child within 2 feet of our home unless I have A.) specifically set out clothes for you to put on that day or B.) you call me and I tell you what to put on her. Those are the RULES!"

Justine said...

by the way... abbys little toe toes are adorable! And I loove that you painted them, I wish I could of been there to see!

Why are you upset? The house?? I hope you sell it soon!!!!

Pics of Roscoe will be up soon! Hes getting biiig!!!!

gammy said...

pretty little toes! so sweet. I love her PJ's I guess I'm just a crazy gal. she is adorable in whatever she wears.