Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun With Coloring

I bought Abby some crayons this weekend in the hopes that she might be able to make me a picture!

After much practice, I think she finally was able to draw on the page (I drew on the one on the right).

She was not that excited about it though.

We will just have to keep practicing.

She repeatedly just wanted to eat the crayons. When I would say "NO", she would look at her dad and pull out that bottom lip. Wrapped around his finger, already.

She also managed to draw on her fingers and the kitchen floor.

I think she is going to be such a smart girl. She loves to read her books.

Look at that little girl just walking around. She is so fast that this was the best shot that I could get out of quite a few.

We loved having roommates (he is leaving for Afghanistan tomorrow), but it is also nice to have our playroom back. Gives Abby some more room to move around!

These are Abby's Mrs. Potato Head glasses. I would put them on my face and cackle, "I'll get you my pretty!" She laughed so hard that I could not stop laughing myself. I love to listen to her sweet little laugh.


Warf pary of 3 said...

Jason and I saw the line up Monday as well for Dancing with the Stars. I have not seen the 1st episode, but we saw that Kate was going to be on there we were sold. We have it on our DVR already. We also like Niese Nash from Clean House and Erin Andrew's.
I LOVE hoarder's on A&E. I saw that TLC is coming out with one as well. thats on the DVR to. haha ;o)

Warf pary of 3 said...

we were the same way with Dancing with the Stars. I have not seen the 1st show, but when we heard Kate was going to be on there, sign us up. They have a good cast this year. We have it on DVR as well. I LOVE Hoarder's on A&E. I am really excited that TLC is coming out with one as well. We apprently watch all the same show's. Have you seen the crayons called TaDoodles by Crayola? There great for toddler's. The crayon is in a little container that is easy for toddlers to hold and they cant break them in half since they are in the container thing. Landon still tried to eat it, but not as bad as regular crayons and they are washable.

Finewineanddiapers said...

Dancing with the Stars is addicting. I NEVER thought I would like it. We were given the TaDoodles for Colt's bday. They look like they will be great for coloring, but right now Colt is just interested in putting things in his mouth so we are holding off. Abby sure is looking like a little girl now. She is precious!