Thursday, April 15, 2010

World's Scariest Dog

For Christmas, we got Abby one of those battery operated dogs that barks and then does a jump in the air. I thought that she would love it. We rarely, rarely play with it and you are about to learn why!
It all starts out innocently enough. She finds the dog, brings it to me, and sets it down. (Please note the mullet)
Then casually points at it, all is fine.

OH GOD! Mom turned it on!

I know, know, know it is about to do a flip!

No! No! No!!!!

HOLY CRAP!!!! It flipped!!!!
Just so you know this all took place in about 5 seconds. Afterwards, I flipped off the camera and held her until she could compose herself - secretly giggling to myself. I don't really understand why she loves on this dog, but the second the switch is turned, she flips out!

My original post prior to the dog incident was going to be about the spaghetti dinner.

Such a mess!

We didn't even get to go on our after dinner walk, due to me having to throw her in the bath with a Brillo pad!

Got final approval on our apartment today!!! Move in date - May 1st!

You ready for me??????

Because I come!


Congratulations to my friend Katie....heading to the chapel.....going to get married!!!


Wiz said...

COngrats on the apartment! I know you are excited about moving back :)

gammy said...

she is just too cute. love her hair it is really growing. pics are hysterical. I just love it. I was laughing too. Yeah for May 1st. TN here they come