Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Here is a picture of Abby's basket. We got her a tiny lamb, letters for the bathtub, a book, a movie, a bunny that lit up, toothbrush, toothpaste, slinky and a set of pj's.

When we went into her room this morning, she was pointing at the basket.

I think the slinky was her favorite.

No, wait. I was wrong. The grass was definitely her favorite. Even after vacuuming, we are still finding it all over the house.
Easter Dress Time!!!
No one can tell me there is anything more beautiful than this. Isn't she so sweet?
This afternoon we went to Julie and Mike's for Easter lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Abby pretty much lost interest after she found the first egg.

But she did find a few on her own.

Eventually Dad had to step in and coax her.

Maybe 24 eggs was too many. 3 would have been just fine.

Eating candy out of the eggs.

Sitting next to Cash. Look at those paws compared to her! Aaggh!! But he is just too sweet and would never hurt a fly!
Remember last year?

This year:

Too busy to keep down.

Enjoying her letters on the wall of the bath. Spelling her name (or trying to).
Remember the pj's I mentioned that she got:
I could just eat those legs off of her!

She is so tall and pretty much grew out of her 12 month pj's so we bought her a big girl pj set. I am very interested to see if she still has them on in the morning. She has never slept in anything but footy pj's.


Wiz said...

Love the pictures, especially the Easter dress! Abby is such a cutie!

gammy said...

looks like Easter was a great success. Love Abby's dress, love the pics. Chris wasn't hunting eggs either. Evan he was bored with it, Can't wait to till he knows the truth about the Easter bunny. he is going to be so mad