Wednesday, April 7, 2010

15 Months Old

Abby, You are Fifteen Months Old!!!

Here are the details about the doctor:
  • Official weight - 21.6 pounds, 25th percentile
  • Official height - 31 inches, 25th percentile
  • Head - I didn't write down the number, but again, she was in the 95th percentile
  • We went to a new doctor today since our insurance changed. I wanted to get his opinion on Abby's size as well. He said the same thing that the other doctor said. As long as she stays on the growth curve, she is fine. Just a petite gal.
  • He did say that having a large head was 90% hereditary. So someone in one of our families has a large head as well!
  • Our doctor also let us know that he was part of a"pilot" by the AAP to treat children under three with fluoride treatments every 6 months. Studies have shown that this will reduce the amount of cavities once they do start going to the dentist. It is not covered by insurance, but more and more doctors are offering it. I think we are going to consider it starting at her 18 month appointment. I am fanatical about teeth and not having cavities.
  • We actually saw a nurse, then a student, then the doctor. After the student left, Abby had a category 5 meltdown. Nurses kept popping their heads in to make sure I was ok. When I would put her down, she would lay face down and bang her hands on the floor. If I tried to hold her, she would arch back and try and jump out of my arms. Finally, after about 25 minutes, I took my half naked baby out to the car to get the pacy. She calmed down somewhat, but still shook from wearing herself out.

Here is a shot after the meltdown:

Here are the fun facts:

  • Abby's favorite word is still Da-Dee! She insists on calling every man that she sees Da-Dee. It is quite embarrassing. But I will say that when she sees the "real" Da-Dee, she screams it the loudest.
  • Occasionally, she will say Mo-Mo-Mo, which I take to mean Mom.
  • Her other favorite word is Doggie, she even says Ruff! when she sees them. Cannot wait until her and Ali are reunited (3 weeks!).
  • Pretends to talk on the phone...says Oh for Hello.
  • Doesn't always pretend. She actually called my dad about 7:30 this morning. Sure he loved that.
  • Bedtime is still around 7:30, but we are re-thinking it. Some nights, she sings in her bed for about 30 minutes after bedtime. She might actually enjoy this alone time though.
  • Still in 12 month clothes, but the footed pj's are very tight.
  • Your favorite food is strawberries and tomatoes, maybe it is the red.
  • Your favorite book is Holly Jolly Christmas. It has 8 pages, but you constantly want me to read it to you. Best $1.00 I ever spent!
  • Your giant lamb from Melinda - you bring it to me every night to hold. Then you and this giant lamb must sit in my lap every night.
  • Full time walker and we are trying to get you to step down into the garage and patio. Still a little nervous about it though.
  • Abby, you are not a snugly baby, but when you do decide that you need your momma or daddy, you hold us like there is no tomorrow. We love every single part about you and would not change anything for the world!!

I had to take a shower this morning and let Abby just "play". After making sure that everything was put up, I let her have full reign of our room. As you can see, she was in her favorite undies. She also managed to call my father and find her childcare card that I lost a few months ago. There is also a ridiculous amount of q-tips in this drawer now.

Taking a walk and loving to hear the doggies bark.

Does it not totally look like she is wearing a hairpiece??

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