Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catching Up

We have so much going on, so I thought that I would post some updates on where we are with everything.

**Our house appraised at or above the purchase price. They won't tell us what the bank (for the buyer) appraised it for. Quite honestly, I don't want to know. We are already losing so much cash, to hear that I am losing equity as well might just send me over the edge.
**The home inspection was this morning. We should know in a day or two the results of that.
**We are 99% sure of where we are going to live. An apartment in Smyrna.
**We really wanted a house in Murfreesboro/Smyrna to rent, but after so much stress of trying to find one, we are caving and just renting an apartment for a year. Every time that we thought we had one, there was one thing or another that prevented us from getting it.

Now, a few pictures!
I am beginning to think that she has too many bath toys.
Remember the adorable monkey pj's with the shorts? I lost the shorts. I am beyond upset about this. I am hoping they are just packed somewhere. But here is a shot of the pants that go with them.

And my little lady! Such a girly girl!


Wiz said...

Abby looks just like Stu in the picture of her in the bathtub! SO cute!!

I liked the Nashville zoo but from what I remember the Knoxville zoo was just a little better. They had polar bears!

Ya know, I have never thought of going while we are in Knoxville, but we should go. Last time I was there was for community service, and I hated every minute of it!! I was not in trouble though, it was for a college class :)

Katie said...

Where in S town are you moving?

gammy said...

well okay then. things are coming to a close for Hubert NC. I know you will be happy. did you find an apartment? I think that will be best, you don't have to do anything to it... LOL.