Thursday, April 22, 2010

It Bit the Dust

The camera that is. We thought it was just a dead battery, but after charging for hours, it still doesn't work! I'm overly traumatized! I am sure it is something stupid to fix it, but I really just don't have the energy to figure out what it is. I will try to take pictures tomorrow with my phone to put on here.
Spent 30 minutes on the phone today with Direct TV (the only kind that you can have at the apartment we are moving to), got that set up! Also set up Internet through AT&T. If anyone has them or knows anything about megapixels or megabytes or mega grams, whatever the heck they are - what is the best? I am thinking that obviously the higher the better, but what is satisfactory?
Got my new home away from home squared away. I have a seat in the Nashville office of the company that I work for. Not that I was stressed about it, but that is just one more thing to check off my list.
Said goodbye to all my friends in VA. Obviously will not be traveling back and forth from Nashville to Virginia. I have some really great friends there (both at work and in town). I am sad that I will not be seeing them any more, but also grateful for the lack of 4 hour drives! Stu and I will be flying to VA Beach in June for a wedding, which we are both super-stoked about! I am a bridesmaid and can't wait to get "dolled up".
Gammy - I have a picture of you and Suzie from my baby shower. Somehow, it was out of the album and in a drawer. Abby found this picture and after significantly crumpling it up, carries it EVERYWHERE. She constantly points to you. I am working on "Gammy", but we are not there yet. I keep forgetting to tell you :)

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gammy said...

we have AT&T no problems ever, of course the higher the better. are you getting wireless? Do you have to have a phone line to get that? I would love to turn off my phone. Megapixels has to do with pictures and video, megabytes is how much space. not sure why you have to know that one. I know it is sad to leave your friends there. I remember moving .glad your check list is getting checked off. see you NEXT WEEK!!!! yippy I know your mom and dad are exstatic.