Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Old Pictures

So, the camera is still dead. I took it to Best Buy today, they suggested a new battery, but didn't sell the one that I needed. I am going to Batteries Plus tomorrow night to see if they sell one. If not, I am just going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new one.
I wanted to post some REALLY old pictures, but since they are all packed, I thought I would share these that are stored on our external drive (only go back about 5 years). No particular order, hope you enjoy.
Only two of my friends have seen the picture of my first time meeting Abby. It actually took me 6 months to even show Stu. I promised Michelle and Amanda that I would never show that picture to anyone as it is BAD. Maybe in 10 years, lol.
But I did find this picture, pre-baby.
Pretty much from the very beginning, I laid on my left side and did not move except to use the restroom. I had all these hopes of "walking it out" and trying different positions. Nope, wasn't having it. I gripped the sides of that rail like my life depended on it.

First picture of Abby - man, she is mad!

Later, happier and sleeping.
Nana helping with the feedings at the hospital.

First time in her big girl bed. Since Stu left before we found out the sex, I tried to get him to pick out bedding for both boy and girl. He wasn't having it - he was having a boy. We registered for boy bedding (sports) prompting emails about how I knew the sex so early, lol! So, as soon as I found out we were having a girl, I deleted that icky boy stuff (haha!) and picked out the most girlish things that I could find. Princess! Which matches her personality perfectly, because she definitely walks around like she owns the place.

This was the first dress that she wore. I tried to prop her up for it, was not happy. Then she fell over on her face about 20 seconds later - even madder!

But doesn't she look JUST LIKE Stu?!?!?


This was a picture taken in August of 2006. Bella was about 17-18 months old. Isn't she just too adorable? My baby is about to be this old!

Oh, my sweet Ali! This was about a week after we brought her home from TN. We had been searching online and locally for a puggle (pug/beagle mix). I thought they were absolutely adorable. Plus, they are hypo-allergenic and good with kids. But, because "designer breeds" are so popular, we could not find one for less than about $900. Uh, not paying that for a dog, sorry - I know some people do - but not this gal.
So, when we were home visiting, I came across an article in the Tennessean for Puggles - $200. I called the number and left a message. A few days later, the lady called back. They were in White House (about an hour drive). My mom, my bro and I got in the car and made the drive. We pulled up to the tiny little house and the first thing that I heard was millions of dogs barking. We walked around to the back of the house to see crates upon crates of dogs. In the middle were two absolutely insane 8 weeks puppies. But the second we took them out, they just snuggled us. It was so hard to choose - but I don't regret my choice for one day.
Also to note - I am not sure if this was a "puppy mill". They did not look "abused", but there were definitely lots of dogs. And we are pretty sure that Ali did not come from a 100% beagle and 100% pug (to make her a true puggle), but I could care less.

Stu and I have both racked our brains and don't know what we were doing to take this picture. But it is a good picture of us, so whatever. It was taken about a year after we were married in November of 2006.

This is by far my favorite picture of us. We were at a co-workers wedding. I still have this dress, but not sure that I can still fit in it! September 2006

My favorite honeymoon picture. We took a quick trip to Gatlinburg before moving to VA. We haven't been back since and am really looking forward to taking Abby. November 2005

May 2007 - My bestest girlfriends. I feel like we just look so young and it was only three years ago!

Another one from the Summer of 2007 - 5 Vols Fans, 1 Bama Fan - the way that it should be! Little Sam is now 5!

Valentine's Day 2007. Stu was stationed in Japan. Unknown to me, my co-workers had contacted him via email and planned a Valentine's Day Surprise. They decorated my cube and he had written me a special Valentine's Day message. It was posted all over my cubicle. It was one of the Best Valentine's Day I have ever had (with him not here of course).

I hope you enjoyed all of my "flashbacks". I have TONS more as I am a huge picture taker. But these are some of my favorites!


gammy said...

thanks for the flashbacks. i loved them.I never saw the pic with you and stuart at the co-workers wedding. I love you hair color while holding bella. these were really good. and the ones while in the hospital and Abby's first pic. love it..

Wiz said...

Great pictures! I love looking back at old pictures. I am probably posting some tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I remember that picture of you at the Ferg for V-day!!! I remember seeing the ballons at your desk!! Awe, I miss my friend!! :( BUT, you are moving closer, how very little it is, to me!! :)