Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Night Randomness

I feel that I have been lacking on my blogging. I would like to say that it is due to being busy, but it is more due to being lazy!
Being a paranoid person, I normally check on Abby about once or twice after she goes to bed. Sometimes she wakes up, sometimes she doesn't. Last night, I went in to check on her. She heard me come in, stretched and let out the loudest fart I have ever heard!! I literally had to cover my mouth and run out of the room so she would not hear me bust out laughing. How ladylike!
I am obsessed with this skirt, I know.
But those legs just get me every time. I bought her some new shorts today, so excited!
Sometimes she is very serious. Very Serious.
It can be intimidating.

Daddy, no more baseball....change the channel!


She looked me dead in the face today and said "Momma". Usually it is "Mo-Mo-Mo". Too sweet!

Stu has mentioned before about Abby sitting on the couch with him during the day. I find this unbelievable.

Yet today, she did just that. She sat on the couch with me, read books, stuck her fingers up MY nose, stuck her fingers up HER nose, and found that sticking her arm down my shirt was the funniest thing that ever happened to her.

Then tonight, while Daddy was trying to watch TV, she sat on him to drink her sippy.

Right on top of him.

Abby loves "doggies". When we walk in the neighborhood and see one, she screams "doggie" at the top of her lungs and says "Ruff, ruff". I was in Target today and she starts saying "Ruff, ruff". Im like, "Sweetie there are no dogs in here". She looks me dead in the eye and points to a picture of a dog on the wall. I guess she is smarter than I am!

But she did turn to a page in one of books today that had a picture of a zebra on it and said "Doggie". We will get there.....


While at Target, I randomly went down the Barbie aisle. Do you realize that when Abby turns 3, I am going to be financially bankrupt? There is just so much cool stuff! Barbie has come a long way in 20+ years.

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