Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday in New Bern

Julie, Abby and I headed to New Bern today for the Parade of Homes tour. I have decided that it is absolutely necessary that I own a home with three bedrooms, 2 bonus rooms, and a wine bar. Cost - Only $425, 000. I think we can swing that!
I mean, really. Two bonus rooms! Whoever thought of that is a genius. One for the adults and one for the kids.
We also stopped by the Bear Time Fudge store. It is the best!

Abby enjoyed her first sucker of rock candy. Of course, she was a little confused as to what end to eat. And it all ended up on her face, hands, legs, and hair.


Julie and I are going to see The Back-Up Plan tomorrow - so excited! I am also planning on taking the stupid camera to Best Buy to see if they can figure out why it doesn't work. If not, we will be shopping new cameras. I cannot live without my camera.

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gammy said...

well, that is the house that i need. 2 bonus rooms, how exciting.Abby is adorable