Monday, April 19, 2010

ACM's: Hit or Miss

Since I am traveling for work, there will be no new pictures of Abby this week. Unless I can sweet talk my hubby into sending me some!
Although I did not watch the ACM's, I can still enjoy some fashion. Here are my thoughts:
I actually did see Julianne present a reward and LOVED this dress. I think it is unique and fun.

Of course, Carrie does no wrong. I probably would not have gone with a dark purse though.

I also found out that she is the first artist to ever win "Entertainer of the Year" two consecutive years. Not female artist, artist period. There have been many that have won two years, but not consecutive. What a great accomplishment at her age!

This dress is perfect for young Taylor.

I thought this was a very different color, pops on the carpet.

Reba is so classy and graceful.

Oh Gawd.
At first, I only saw this from the side, but when I got the whole view I threw up a little. I don't know who her stylist is, but she should be fired. And her husband needs to stop her from walking out of the house.

I am still confused as to why she was at the awards as Matt's arm candy. But whatever. I think her legs look horrible (maybe because she just had a baby?) and a smile wouldn't have killed her.
Dull. Dull. Dull.

Too tight. Can you see the wrinkles across her front? Can she? That usually means something is too tight. And the bland grey is just bad.

Was this bought at Forever 21? On the discount rack?

I don't even see this dress. All I see is a human with no eyes - just slits. And someone that cheated on her husband and broke up another marriage. And flaunted it. Does she still make music?

WHOA! Last time I saw Miranda, she had packed on a few pounds, so I will say that she is looking much better. But not that great that the girls need to pop out to say Hi! And if they are, at least pick them up for the ride.
Let me just say for the record that I am not a supermodel. But I also do not have millions of dollars to pay someone to make me look like one. If you are going to bother showing up for events, bring your A-Game. (See Carrie).


Jess said...

I agree Julianne and Carrie looked great. I actually liked Leann's dress, but that hair! It looked 3 days dirty. No volume, no body, no nothin'! And Miranda Lambert had much better dresses on during the show.

Mommyto2 said...

Haha Harsh! Love it! I thought Faith was looking rather old! Carrie of course always looks great!