Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Emotional!

It is approximately 9 PM on Wednesday night and I am pretty sure that I have cried twice. What makes it so sad is that I am in a hotel room alone in VA!
First, due to 16 and Pregnant. I think these stories are just so sad, but as soon as that baby makes it debut, I'm done. The tears are flowing.
Second, on the reunion show hearing the after-stories. I really need to get a life. But I swear that a) I would support my daughter even though I would be PISSED and b) IF I had a son, I would whoop his a** to be a man and step up.
Ok, Sorry.
Four Days Gone....One Picture. Maybe next time I should ask for one with the copy of that day's newspaper, lol!
It may only be a few days, but that gal just gets more better looking every day.

Old Pictures, This was us at CiCi's Pizza on Saturday.

Isn't she so precious?

In hindsight, I should not have gone to a buffet with a baby. was right next to where we were shopping. Cheap and easy.

I sat as close to the buffet as was humanly possible. Even got rude looks for being in the way with a high chair. Whatever!

But, when I would get up to fill the plates, out of the corner of my eye I could see people eyeing Abby. Like "How is this baby left alone at the table??". She was completely strapped in. And I promise you, if someone had gotten too close to my baby, I would have had a plastic knife to their throat before they would know what is going on. Just sayin'.

As most of you know, Stuart was in Iraq until Abby was 6 weeks old. He jokes that he is "the luckiest man alive" to have missed all the crazy pregnancy hormones. Can you imagine not getting to meet your child until they were 6 weeks old? I know I can't.

Now, imagine this story....

Our friends, Ashley and John. She was due two weeks AFTER he was leaving on a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan.

This is tiny little Brystol at a few weeks old. Isn't she adorable?

Ashley is so brave to raise a baby for the next 6 months alone (other than her family of course). Keep her and other military family in your prayers. Coming from the situation, they will always have a place in my heart.
On that note, the (lack-of) coverage of our brave military fighting for us is despicable. No one wants to hear of the "bad" stories of people dying, but it is real. Stu has a friend that just lost his legs over there. I know that I have friends (blogger and non-blogger) that have family over there. But let's do something! Send care packages. Stand up to those a** holes that want to talk about "it was their choice". NO - It is YOUR choice not to fight. I could talk all day about praying, supporting, and doing. I want people to know that I support the military 100% until they day I die.
If you want to send me any addresses for loved ones, please know that I will send them cards and "we love you" packages.


gammy said...

she is adorable, I love when you just flow with your writing, I can hear your voice when I read it especially when you get on a roll. see you soon, and say good bye to VA.....

Mommyto2 said...

i need to catch 16 and pregnant online! I don't know where these girls find those guys.

Sara Pollard said...

This time next week you all will be in Tennessee! I can't wait to start being a real grandmother! Abby is growing and changing so quick. Have a safe trip.


Wiz said...

I have never seen 16 and pregnant. It is something that I know I would get into but its just not on my radar.

Abby gets cuter and cuter! Love the blonde hair and dark eyes!