Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Lazy Day

Abby and I enjoyed a lazy day at home today. Took an early walk, packed up some of the kitchen, and went to the local park. Might I add that I got in an argument with a 7 year old stranger about why she couldn't hold my "baby". For one, I don't know you and your germs. Two, my "baby" is 15 months old and barely lets people she knows hold her. Last, Where is your mother?
While I was drying my hair, Abby went investigating.
I found her in the back of the closet.

I would like to add that she was playing with chevron pins. Thank goodness I caught her before she rammed one through her finger. They are on a top shelf now.

Last night, Stuart and I rented Chipmunks 2.

I thought that Abby might enjoy it today, so I played it again and made her a little spot on the floor.

For approximately 45 minutes, she was glued to the t.v. I brought her some juice and crackers. It was too cute. Didn't make it to the end, but still kept her occupied for a bit.

Isn't this dress adorable? My mom sent it in her Easter package. Bow didn't make it very long, but still.

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gammy said...

love the dress, she is just growing up so fast. look at her hair!!!! love the little place you setup for her to watch TV.sorry I'm not as good as your mom with sending packages. Wish I had time to shop, the things I would buy, but then again, she doesn't need anything. see you soon...