Friday, April 9, 2010

Catching up on Pictures

Here are a few pictures that we have taken over the past few days.

Dazed and Confused

So, what age is the first haircut? I have noticing that Abby is little, ur, unruly lately.

I am thinking about getting her haircut, but just not sure yet. (side note to anyone that watches her: If you take it upon yourself to cut her hair, you WILL lose Abby for an undetermined amount of time - I am adamant that Stu and I take her for her first haircut - just want that to be for the record)

On a lighter note, Abby got her Easter present from Nana and Poppa today.

Nana got her a water bottle, stickers, dress and a MTSU shirt.

Best part: the wrapping paper!!

Although she did want to wear her stickers. Was pretty irritated that it got stuck to her finger though.

I bought Abby a pair of flip flops a few months ago (for a $1!!). She hates them. She doesn't like the thing between her toes. Girl has to learn to sacrifice comfort for fashion! (totally kidding - they were off her feet a few minutes later)
Still no word on the appraisal. Home inspection next Wednesday. Plans right now to move in less than 3 weeks. Thanks to the fam for driving by some rental properties that we are interested in! One would put us in the backyard of my bro and Jess - hello babysitters!!

Although Abby is a petite little gal, she is finally growing out of her 12 month footed pj's. Stu went and bought her 3 new pairs of pj's - he did sooooo much better (although one was still green, lol). We washed them tonight, so I will post pictures this week.

Hoping for another beach weekend....hope everyone enjoys theirs' as well!


Jess said...

JD looks at this and says, "My mom didn't get ME an Easter basket this year." Poor good boy. Ha! And you need to look into that one close to us. I have a feeling I'll have a lot of time on my hands!

Wiz said...

I have heard that you wait at least a year (traditionally) for the first haircut. We wouldn't know though. Colt is no where near needing his first one!

Lindsay said...

I've asked my stylist about it the past few times I've taken Logan in. Her hair has had bad phases then it gets really cute again! He said he thinks most cut it too early. If you're patient and let it grow out some instead of chopping it into a bob right away it looks so pretty and natural! Sooo that's what I'm shooting for. We've yet to cut her hair and when it does fill in more I think it'll be really pretty....MAN I had a lot to say about that! HA