Monday, February 28, 2011

Yes, No, And Maybe

This year's Oscars were hard for me! There were some that I loved, some that I hated and some that were maybes. I have never had maybes before, but there were some this year.

Read on:

***********My favorite!

I think Mila is gorgeous and this dress looked so good on her.

The color was beautiful and the layers were just right.


My other favorite!

There is just only good to say about this dress. The bust line, the tulle, the shape, the jewelry.

Love, love, love.

Sandra is classic elegance.

This dress is traditional yet it has a touch of modern at the baseline.

I do love Anne's dress as well, but it seemed a little familiar.....

This is Natalie's year.

She is glowing and has chosen (in my opinion) some fantastic dresses for this year's awards ceremonies.

There was alot of sparkle at the Oscar's this year, along with a few feathers. Hilary had the right mix and looked awesome on the carpet.

Maybe I just love Amy Adams, but I think she picked a great color. Her light skin and red hair looked fantastic in this dark/navy blue. I probably would have nixed the necklace though.

Oh Helen! I can only HOPE that I look this awesome at her age. She is timeless and gorgeous.

Young Hollywood royalty. Love the dress. Love the hair.

She must be an alien. Seriously. She just had twins.

Gorgeous and love the hair.

Her tribute almost brought me to tears.


Here are the MAY-be's.

Girl. We all know that you just had a kid. No need to break out the milk jugs.

But I do love the color and the sparkle.

I think I might have liked this dress if it didn't go all the way up to her neck.

Why was that necessary?

I thought this dress was awesome. The back was probably the best part.

But the "Just woke up after a night of partying and I don't know the name of the guy next to me" hair and make up look is NOT Oscar worthy.

I thought this was horrid. But after listening to some of the announcers, it did start to grow on me. This picture looked a little "Mr. Robotic", but in reality (ha, ha TV) it was pretty.
And the worst:

Nicole, Ill say it again. FIRE. YOUR. STYLIST.
You are a tall, gorgeous woman. But your red carpet skills just suck.
I'm just sayin'.
I really don't know who this is. But she was up for an award.
She should have spent more than $80 on a dress. It looks like it came from JCPenney.
I would have been embarrassed for her if she won.

What could you have been thinking?
Did you see this on a mannequin and think, "I have to have this dress."
Were you on drugs at the time?
Ugh, I can't even look at it anymore.
Gorgeous color.
But I could not pull my eyes from the girls.
Spray-on tan and body tape are your friends.
I was wondering where my great grandmother's wedding dress was.
I thought moth's had eaten that dress and I rejoyced.
Miraculously, it came back and made an appearance at the Oscars.
Where do I start?
Why are there little yellow beads on the shoulders?
Looks like a metal of armor.
With a hole cut out.
And drapes put in.
Maybe there is a peep show later?
All pictures taken off People and Us Magazine.

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