Monday, February 14, 2011

Hits and Misses

****I am watching the Fashion Police and I had made all my decisions about what I liked and hated last night. I am not changing my opinion at all....but be warned that I am not a fashionista and am pretty much the opposite of the professionals. *****
Let's talk about the elephant, er, egg in the room.

You just really never know what to expect with GaGa. I am (for once) giving her props on originality.
And her performance was amazing. I actually read today that GaGa was "lame" in her performance, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe I am not a monster and liked the lamer version. Her voice is amazing and if you missed the horns, google it.
Now, on to the hits!
I think Martina is beautiful. This dress is classy black with a little bit of fun.

I also love some Miranda. A little bit of a boring dress, but she rocked it.

I watched the Countdown to the Red Carpet that Kelly O. hosted. I loved this dress. I loved the ruffles and the length.

Too sweet! She looked elegant and classy.

Katy got alot of flack for this dress. But I thought the wings were original. And the girl is very well blessed and can sometimes look class-less when she shows off the girls. I thought she covered them well and picked a fantastic dress.

I would truly kill for those legs. One hot mama!

I didn't even recognize her at first. Lady A looked stunning.

Tony who? Gorgeous.
And.....on to the misses.....
Heidi, I really thought that you could do no wrong. You are a freaking supermodel. And your legs are insured. Rock them and please, just stand up straight (or it might just be the dress).

I am a huge Keeping up with the Kardashians fan. But this dress was just skank. And lord have mercy, the back looked like she was pregnant in the butt.

Please find her a cracker.
I guess stealing a husband might cause you stress and cause you not to eat.
Just nasty.
What are you doing with your hair? If I was this designer, I would be pissed that you hid half the dress with your unbrushed extensions.

Wow. Just wow. I don't even know who this is, but leopard is only fun in moderation.

In my mind, always a failure. It looks like carpet.

Did you run out of money for fabric? Fashion Police said it looked like toilet paper, I tend to agree.

I hated the shoulder pads on Anne Hathaway. Still hate them here.
Can't wait until the Oscars!

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Mommyblogger said...

Kelly ruled in that purple dress. She looked stunning!