Sunday, February 13, 2011

Such a Long Sunday

I noticed on Saturday that Abby was not feeling so great. She had a little bit of a raspy voice. Saturday night, she barked all night in her sleep. I gave her some medicine and turned the humidifier on in her room.
Sunday morning, when she woke up, she was hot. I took her temperature and it was 99.1. Not high, but I still wanted to call the doctor. Quickly found out that our pediatrician office is not open on the weekends (wtf?).
Found another pediatrician that was open on the weekends and they luckily agreed to see her. Pretty sure that we will be changing pediatricians.
In the meantime, Abby sat on the couch and watched Mickey Mouse and ate cheese.

I got her dressed in a shirt, skirt and hose. When I went to get dressed, she "completed" the outfit. I just bought her these Crocs - she loves them! And wants to wear them every day. I was able to convince her to put on boots. But the hat was non-negotiable. For someone that hates bows and headbands, she loves this hat! I think I bought it at a yard sale right after she was born for about $0.50
In the end - she has croup. She has had it before, so I was not that worried. And the doctor said that she is perfectly fine to attend MDO tomorrow since she really doesn't have a fever.
I took her to Baskin Robbins after the appointment. She has really only had ice cream maybe twice in her life. But I thought she would enjoy it. Not only was she not having any of the ice cream (with gummy bears)......she attracted a very strange lady.
This woman (who was with three other kids) took it upon herself to come and sit at our table and try and spoon feed my child. I am not joking. I really was just in so much shock that I didn't know what to do. Then this lady starts telling me that one of the kids is her granddaughter that she is "forced to raise" and the other two are neighbors. Then starts crying about how she had to put her "first baby - her fur baby" to sleep yesterday and that she will never get over it. Even gets out her phone to show me pictures of said dog. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog. But I don't see myself showing pictures of her to strangers.
Luckily, the lady left, but not after telling me how precious Abby was and reminding me how I need to cherish every moment with her. The whole thing just freaked me out.
A conversation with 4 friends on Friday night.
  • Me: Abby has 7 boys in her class, I went and bought Mickey Mouse valentines for them. Wish I could have bought Princesses.
  • Them (6 kids between them - Abby is the youngest): And what else?
  • Me: What do you mean what else?
  • Them: need to make them something.
  • Me: Like what? I am taking Pringles to the party.
  • Them: OOOOHHHH girl......
  • Me: What? You are freaking me out....
  • Them: Oh Honey, you have to make the kids something. Like homemade cookies, or a gift bag. Or maybe even homemade candy.
  • Me: But they are two!!! They don't need all that junk. This is madness.
  • Them: Yes, but everyone does it. You are TOTALLY going to be "that mom" if you don't make each kid something. Abby is going to come home with tons of candy and homemade food. And stickers. And pencils. And just all kinds of crap. But that is what everyone does.
  • Me: You have seriously got to be kidding me.


So, of course, I had to make something.

I made Rice Krispie treats with a heart on them.

Unfortunately, putting them in a bag smeared the icing.

But hopefully, it will be enough to keep Abby in the "cool circle". LOL - at 2!
And even if they are all wrong about having to make something, maybe I will be the best mommy!
Now, I'm going to finish watching the Grammy's. I will have my reviews up tomorrow. They will be egg-cellent!


Katie said...

Ann where do you take her that is not open on weekends. Well I have loved Tennessee Pediatrics and have been taking Mad there for 12 years ....we love Dr Eastham...incase you are looking for suggestions and they will see patients on the weekends. I also loved as I was a working mom that they take walk-ins during the week starting at 7:30am to 9am if you have a sick kiddo that needs to be seen asap.

gammy said...

well glad Abby is feeling better. she had so much fun with her cousins Friday and Saturday. Chris and her play so well together. My mom told me about this cute little outfit. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. She said "the one on facebook" I told her that you were one of many that was deleted and you were the only one that hasn't friended me back. so I had to check on here to see for myself what she was talking about. Anyway it is cute. the Rice Krispie treats with hearts are adorable. I love that idea.

gammy said...

Dr. Eastham is great Ann.I know several people that take their children there and love him and his staff.