Monday, February 7, 2011

Dancing, Spaghetti and Pigs

Super Bowl thirty or forty something was fun! The best part was obviously the half time show and the commercials. And even the half time show was not that great. I really thought that it would be better.
But there were three girls that definitely loved it.

They danced and danced to BEP.

Shaking their booties!

Abby was the last one standing!
And she stayed up until 9:30 without a meltdown!

Tonight, I made my second attempt at cooking for me and Abby.

She was loving it! Might have to make that a weekly meal.

She individually ate each noodle and slurped it up super fast.

I just barely got a picture of this one!
After spaghetti, it was potty time again.

She has not peed in the toilet again, but still sits on it every night thinking about it.
While I folded laundry, Abby read her favorite book "The Shape of Me and Other Things".

She calls it the "Shaping" book.
All I hear is "Mommy, Shaping. Mommy, Shaping". My favorite part of the book is a pair of scissors. Every time Abby sees them, she screams, "Mommy's Scissors". I didn't even know that she knew that word!

Abby started MDO last week. She goes twice a week and I think it is really helping her to be a little more social. Plus gives Stu time to study.
And I am LOVING the crafts that she comes home with. Last week she brought home a Groundhogs picture. Today was a heart and a pig. How cute are they??
A blog that I read wrote a great post about church. It made me feel alot better about not having to define myself with a church. At least that is what I got out of it.
And I don't know about my fellow Middle TN neighbors, but if I see just ONE.MORE snowflake, I am going to lose it. I know I'll be whining about the heat soon enough, but I am just tired of being cold!


Katie said...

Ann I have been saying to Mel for months we need to have a "recipe" party with who ever wants to get some new EASY to cook recipes. I am always looking for "kid friendly" new recipes as mine are starting to get old.

Where is Abby going to MDO at?

gammy said...

I heard you all had a great time Super bowl Sunday and it looks like Abby had great fun with her friends also. I love it. So glad your friends have friends for Abby! Isn't spaghetti the best and quickest dinner ever! I love it..And Abby loves it. Her artwork is adorable. Never mad a pig, that is too cute.