Wednesday, February 2, 2011

People Will Stare

These are the reasons that I was stared at tonight...
  • For throwing my hands up in the air to form a sun for the part of "Up Came the Sun and Washed the Rain Away" in rush hour traffic.
  • Rolling my arms in circles for "Roll it, Pat it, and Mark it with an A" again in rush hour traffic.
  • Pushing my daughter through Kroger to buy four things in a shopping cart with a giant red car in front of it.
  • Cutting in front of people with my giant shopping cart as I know I have about a 5 minute window before melt down.
  • Letting my daughter scream at the top of her lungs in the checkout line as the lady in front of me argued a $2 coupon. Abby had seen the Goldfish I threw in the cart and demanded that she have them right.this.minute.
  • Dragging a screaming toddler out of Kroger by her wrist. Even though we rode through the whole store in a red car, apparently that is not the same thing as a "gween car, Mommy!".


My last two posts have been whiny, but really I am laughing and enjoying the moments.


I promise to take some pictures tomorrow night, so I can stop boring you with my mommy woes.

1 comment:

Katie said...

I love the post Ann. It is SOOOO REAL!!!!! I mean that is real life with a is not all hairbows and frilly dresses. (I was cracking up reading it...thanks for the laugh!