Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Just to clarify, Abby goes to Mother's Day Out two days a week for 5 hours. She is not in full time day care. The few people that read my blog (and their kids go to day care) said they did not do anything for their kids V-day parties. I am not sure if that makes a difference.....but I am really, really grateful that I made a snack.

See below......

Fudge, two boxes of cookies (I think leftovers from the party), and bubbles.

Three goodie bags

Contents of the goody bags.

A heart shaped cookie with her name on it.
I feel absolutely horrible, but I didn't know the teacher's names. They sent her home with a goody bag and a sweet, sweet book about God (she goes to MDO at a church). I did send them a Rice Krispie treat though. Luckily, Teacher Appreciation Week is next month, so I can make it up to them.

Adorable artwork for the day.

And I came home to this!!! Beautiful roses and sunflowers!

And the sweetest Valentine ever!


Mommyblogger said...

Looks like an awesome Valentines Day!

gammy said...

love the flowers. beautiful choice. Her MDO went all out on Vday, but its is fun at that age to have party's. she def racked up on goodies. Love the cookie.