Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sugar High

Abby peed in the potty again!
I jumped up and down, ran to the kitchen to get the bag of M'n'M's, ran back to get scissors to open the bag, all the time screaming "Abby, you peed in the potty. You are such a good girl!"
I finally got it open and handed her a candy so proudly.
.......And she threw the candy in the toilet with the pee.
About an hour later, I set her up in the bathroom to brush her teeth. I usually do that and then clean up for a few minutes until she is done.
This is what I found.....

And Abby with about 10 M'n'M's in her mouth.
It was like someone dropped one of those spinning tops. She had to play with EVERY toy that she has ever had. I was exhausted. But the crash was pretty quick as well.

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gammy said...

you know when she was here Friday and Saturday and since Chris was peeing in toilet, every time Chris went, Abby sat on toilet also. She didn't pee, but she sure did try. And she wore pull-ups! they had so much fun. Chris and Abby played great today.