Wednesday, February 23, 2011


After changing her diaper, Abby and I had a photo shoot.
Yes, I left her pants off. I love those little legs!

When I told her that we were taking pictures, she put her legs together and got serious. (Yes, that is the Toys R'Us catalog in her hand).

Then she decided that it was a "sitting down" pose.

And scooted up to the camera!

She pointed to Ali and said "Ali, Cheese".
Ali has a face only a mother could love!

Abby's art work today.
In a truly blond moment, I thought "That is too funny that they put Ali's name on one of Abby's pictures." How I thought they knew my dog's name, I don't know.
Finally I remembered that there is a little boy in her class named Ali.
Tonight after prayers, Abby and I told each other that we loved each other. Then Abby whispered something. I asked her to repeat. I still couldn't understand her, so I asked her again. I finally made out that she said "I love You Daddy".
When she is sweet, she is oh so sweet.

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gammy said...

she is just too cute and those legs are adorable. I love it. and then your prayers and her how she whispered " I love you daddy" how sweet.