Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Markers and Hats

I am running out of blog titles and it seems like certain ones tend to attract spam. So, Ill just put what the post is about ;)


We took Abby's crayons to the Super Bowl party along with two of her coloring books. Sadly, we left them there. I am hoping to get them back, but it is not looking good.

So, now the only thing that she can color with is her markers. As you can see, they are quite messy. Even after her bath, you could still see the traces of marker.


After Abby's bath, she HAD to wear her toboggan! I thought she looked adorable.
Have you seen this show on Lifetime?
Tonight is only the second night, but I find it extremely entertaining. It tells the story of three women through labor and delivery. You have to have a somewhat ironic sense of humor to enjoy it.
I am lazy. Really lazy. But I am also really trying to overcome that.

This is what I did tonight. It is a show on Fit TV that had me sweating and cussing.

Since I can't go to the gym, I have to work out from home. Does anyone else watch Fit TV? Do you have a recommendation? It has been an hour and I am still hurting. I can't imagine what tomorrow will feel like!


Neely said...

I really love that show!

Anonymous said...

I really miss Gilad!! I loved working out with him when I was at your house for a month when Abby was born. I have been working out for years and I STILL get sore.

Start doing it a couple of days a week, then three, then four and eventually you will be at it every day.