Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Stats

Here are some quick statistics for your enjoyment!
  • 4 1/2: Hours that it took me to get home today (30 mile drive)
  • 4-6: Inches of snow and ice
  • 5: Number of Sports cars that blew past my 4 wheel drive
  • 5: Number of Sports cars on the side of the road
  • 10: Number of other 4 wheel drivers that flipped me off for driving too slow
  • 564: Number of times that cuss words were screamed in my car
  • 564: Number of times that I prayed to God to forgive me for wishing death on another driver
  • 723: Number of times that I prayed to God to let me survive the drive home
  • 10: Number of mini panic attacks
  • 5: Number of times that tears entered my eyes
  • 0%: Chance that I am getting out if it is like this in the morning.
Unfortunately, I did not get home in time to see my little baby tonight.
But I did snap this gem late last night.
I went in to check on her before bed and found this. Sweet baby had taken her top off!
The Valentine that she made in MDO today:


gammy said...

sure glad you got home alright. I know your were terrified and knew no way I was going to call while you were driving. Steve didn't want to talk to me while he was driving. I took Sean 3 hrs to get home. It was a mess. Steve even drove 25 MPH on 840. he said people were flying by him too. anyway, That picture of Abby is adorable. Can't wait to see her Friday. No do not work tomorrow Steve isn't working.. roads way too bad...

Wiz said...

Whew, I hear ya! Took me four hours to get home. I had stuck..THANK GOD my neighbor was a couple cars behind me and he had four wheel drive. Colt and I got in with him and three hours later we were sort of. I forgot my garage door opener so I had no way to get in my house. Hung out at my neighbors for another two hours before John got home....whew what a night! I am sure I will be blogging about this.