Thursday, February 24, 2011


Abby received some presents today!
One was a late birthday present and one was from Mimi.
Sweet little Audrey sent her a birthday present.
Abby was so excited to open her package!

The first gift was a beautiful necklace with Abby's name on it.

Abby was totally fascinated by it and wore the rest of the night.
(Please ignore the background, it is laundry day)

Oh and then the giant cupcake. The wonder in her eyes says it all!

Abby wouldn't even take it in the living room. She had to open it right now.

Stacking the food boxes.

Finally I got her to move to the kitchen table.

She was so serious getting all the food organized.
She is very possessive right now. So everything in the cupcake was either Abby's, Momma's, Daddy's or Ali's. And she separated it all out.
I think someone heard that we were potty training!
Sweet Mimi sent her a potty training book. It came with stickers and a chart to track her progress. I am hoping that it helps!
And thanks Mimi - I hope you get to read this and will come see us soon!
My Mimi has white hair. Any time Abby sees anyone with white hair, she calls her Mimi. My parents elderly neighbor came over the other night to tell us the dog got out. Abby was in the background screaming "Mimi, Mimi". I just had to laugh about it.
Abby, me, my dad, JD and Jess all went to eat at Mimi's Cafe a few weeks ago.
When we were in the parking lot, a lady stopped to talk to Dad. With her was a lady that had white hair. Abby started screaming "Mimi, Mimi". My brother (bless his heart) said, "Wow, I can't believe that she knows we are at Mimi's Cafe - can she read that sign?".
Jess - you have your work cut out for you ;)
Last, but not least.
What is up with 2T?
I can't remember where Stu got these pants, but we put them on a few weeks ago and they were falling off of her. He brought her to work in them with a safety pin in the back of them. I was stressing putting her in the car seat with the safety pin in her back and then it coming undone and poking her in rush hour traffic.
So I took it out and then of course lost it.

Blurry....but you can tell, the pants are ridiculous. I will have to get the brand and remember not to buy these again.


Mommyblogger said...

That Abby is so adorable. I love how she had all her little boxes stacked out & divided. She has a great imagination I'm guessing. The Mimi story is hillarious. My mom has red hair & when I was little anytime I described her to anyone it was "She is the one with orange hair". She hated it! Doesn't kids clothes drive you insane. My son is 7 months & 22 pounds. He has huge arms & legs but he is a bit short. Finding clothes to fit him everywhere is impossible!!! Happy Friday to you and yours :)

gammy said...

that is a cool present. big cupcake! I know she loves it. love her blue jean too.