Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Abby Has Been Up To

I don't have any pictures, but I just wanted to share a few things that Abby has done lately.
She peed in the potty tonight!!! Right before her bath, as she was showing me Mommy's potty and Abby's potty, I asked her if she wanted to potty. She sat right down on her potty and peed in it! Granted, it was about a teaspoon, but still! I am really excited in case you can't tell.
She is really into possession. Everything is "somebody's". Abby's ball, Ali's ball, Daddy's truck, Mommy's car, you get the picture.
Her new favorite words are Mommy's work. Stu has to bring up to my work every night before he goes to school. She is very excited about getting to see Mommy's work and Mommy's 'puter.
Abby loves fruit. That is sometimes all that she will eat.
She loves her babies. She is so sweet on them and always wants to dress and undress them.
Tonight she played with stickers.

She LOVED putting them on a certain someone.

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gammy said...

loves the stickers. why didn't you call me and tell me about her going potty! that is so exciting.She is starting to talk so much and and make more words.