Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2 Year Appt and Random Pics

Abby had her two year appointment on Tuesday morning.
28 pounds 11 1/2 ounces
(they did weigh her completely clothed, so the doctor said she was probably closer to 28 pounds)
33 inches tall
19 1/2 inches on the head
I was a little surprised at this visit and how they tried to get her to stand on the scale. That wasn't happening.
Then they tried to get her to stand against the wall to measure her height. That wasn't happening.
So, really the above was just a best guess.
After we got in the room and the nurse proceeded to upset our "strong willed" daughter, we put her in a hospital gown (another first).
But I thought she just looked so precious!
She would not let us put her down.

Tell me that is not the saddest face you have ever seen (and no, Stu is not trying to strangle her).
Everything went great. She was a little ahead on her shots so she goes back next week for those.
I did ask about her eating habits, she is very sporadic. But the doctor assured me that it is just phases that she goes through.
After the doctor and a quick lunch....we headed back to the Discovery Center!

Abby loved to slide in the mini-tot room.

My friend, Tracy met us there with her three girls. Here is Abby and Riley on the car.

You are not really supposed to climb in this contraption, but luckily there weren't many kids at the Center.

Abby is obsessed with "teeth". She wants to brush them 24 hours a day.
I guess that is a good habit to have.

We also opened one of her dolls (hey, I was off for two days and getting stir crazy).

The doll is adorable and says about 18 different phrases. Pretty sure I have memorized them all. Luckily, the kid that got this for Abby has a birthday this weekend. Pretty sure I will be returning the favor ;).

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