Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Sunday

Sunday morning started with having to wake Abby up at 8:30! I swear that girl can sleep! But we had to go to church, so she needed to get up and have breakfast first.
Then we went to church and Stu and Abby left so that Amanda and I could watch the 4 year olds. Man, that is a tough group.
My favorite moment was asking a few girls what their favorite food was. The answers that I got were:
  • A real pig
  • A giraffe with a long neck.
  • Pizza with mud on it.
  • Fruit with pictures on it.

Seriously, how do these kids think these things up?

After that, I went and got Abby. I have really been wanting to work on her toys. Nothing "matches" as in you find one toy that is missing pieces or half a puzzle.

So, I took all of her toys around the house and put them in her room.

Yes, it is really this bad. But after about an hour, I got it all organized. Not quite sure how long it will last though (and I didn't take any after pictures).


I just walked in the other room and came back to my dog on the couch drinking my wine. I am really hoping that she doesn't throw that back up.


Thanks for the comments on my church post. I did go to the larger church this morning because of the preschool commitment, but we are going to try another one next Sunday. I know that I will find one that is right for us. And for the person that left me the anonymous comment, please leave me a comment with your email address....I would love to talk more!


Katie said...

Ann I feel you completely on the church post. We tried the same church you are speaking of as all of our friends rant and rave about it and I am happy that so many of our friends love it so much but it just wasn't for us. I love what the preacher had to say and how it seem to relate to our everyday lives but the rest of the "scene" was not for us. Madelynn liked all the things they had for the kids as well. We previously attended a church that was COMPLETELY different and that was not my cup of tea either but all of Benton's family attends that church. We are just going to do the same thing....keep trying till we find a church we are comfortable at.

On another bout that BIG news...can't believe me and our other friend are due just days excited to have someone to get fat with!

gammy said...

organization. I love it. I use shoe boxes or whatever it takes just to keep it together. One box at a time. It keeps me sane at least