Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bouncy Fun

Abby and I went to Casey's 3rd Birthday today at BounceU. I was verrry nervous about going. Abby has never been in a bounce house before. I tried to "toss" her in one a few times, but she freaked out. So, I really wasn't sure how this was going to go over.
Verdict: IN LOVE
Me climbing the stairs to try and hand her off to Amanda to go down the slide.

Amanda continuing with her. I had to take this picture because I was laughing so hard at "Manda" trying to get Abby ready to slide.

Finally, they made it up and slid down.

Abby bouncing in the ring. She loved it.

Not a great picture, but this was the giant slide. Randy and Abby are on the right. Heather and Colt are on the left. Poor Colt hurt his ankle and didn't get to run around, but he was still a trooper!

Abby and Randy in the obstacle course. I did go through this thing with her a few times, but after almost breaking my back and doing a triple flip, I knew my days were numbered!

Hard to see, but she was having a blast.

And I LOVE this picture. She could totally be an actress in a horror film. I swear that she had a good time!

I really couldn't believe how great of a time that she had. Serious consideration for her next birthday. And rainy days. And weekends.
After the bounce houses, we went to a room for cupcakes and snacks. I didn't get any pictures of her eating her cupcake. I was too busy laughing at her. I sat across the room at the "adult table" and Abby yelled "Hi Mommy" the entire time. The.entire.time. Even when the room was quiet.
Big day planned tomorrow of church and then a bridal fair with Jess. Can not wait!


Wiz said...

Yesterday was so much fun! I thought it was so cute how Abby kept saying "Hi Mommy!" And good news. Colt was COMPLETELY fine today. We didnt even end up taking him to the doctor today after talking to them. I think we are going to have Colt's party at a place just like that now that we know he is ok!

gammy said...

wow looks like great fun. glad she liked it. this way she'll like the trampoline. or jumpyboo as chris calls it. glad colt was fine.