Monday, January 17, 2011

My Take

I have been getting a ton of spam lately on some of the my posts. So, instead of naming this title G0lden Gl0bes, I had to go a little generic.
But here are my Hits and Misses:
My Number ONE top pick. Maybe it was the glow, but she looked fabulous.

Always stunning.

Sofia is so pretty and shows off her wonderful curves.

I think this color is splendid.

Not traditionally what I would pick, but I give her points for creativity.

Another one of my top picks. I have never seen Glee, but Lea looked priceless.

At first, this was going to be a miss. But as the night went on, the dress really grew on me. I thought it looked like a wedding dress, but the "veil" was quite pretty.

This dress was a pale blue that was different than the usual bold colors on the carpet. Kudos!

I am pretty sure that Halle will catch alot of grief for this one. But hey, if you got the legs, then flaunt them!

Another one that caught some grief. Hey, newly single, time to show what he is missing!

Claire Danes has come a long way since My So Called Life (which incidentally was the last time that she won a GG). Stunning!

I think Kaley is one of the prettiest gals on TV. She looked very beautiful last night.

Carrie can do no wrong in my eyes.

Too much noise on the dress. Bangs overshadowed the dress as well.

Tina can rarely do a red carpet. She really needs a new stylist. Velvet (or velvet looking) is not in.

Way too pretty to let this dress swallow her.

I am really hoping that she just bit a sour pickle. Her mean face just ruined the whole look.

I saw only the top part of it at first. Boy, was I disappointed when the camera showed the rest of it.

It is like the right arm decided to go "skinny jeans" at the end of it.

Whoa. Where did she think she was?

Mess on so many levels. And who is wearing the other pair of mis-matched shoes?

Blonde hair, blonde skin, blonde dress.

She has an extra wig on her shoulder, just in case.

Oh gawd. One word: hairbrush.

Horrid. Only thing that made her look good was her arm candy.

Least Favorite. Hands down. Shoulder pads went out a LONG time ago.
Well those are my thoughts. Share yours, please!
And let the awards season begin!
(All pictures are borrowed from Yahoo and People)

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gammy said...

i just love your comments on the dresses. I agree with all of them and what was that lady thinking wear that dress and wearing different shoes? who is she? gag....